Outdoor Coaching – experience the real and authentic life in the Alps

Sometimes we need to take a break, in order to assess our lives and to keep the stress levels in check. Leave your mobile phone and laptop at home and return to the nature and back to basics. In order to recover from stress and help you to recharge your batteries we offer you an outdoor coaching program within an authentic, working environment in the Alps.

As an experienced executive coach and communications trainer I will support you on this journey. Together we will work out what your personal goals are and develop coaching sessions including individual leadership topics that are tailored to your specific requirements. Thus, the outdoor coaching program will be put together to best suit your needs.

The life in the Alps is characterized by fixed routines and physical labor. Before we have breakfast, we look for the cows that are resting in faraway pastures and get them in for milking, prepare the milk utensils, process the cheese from the previous day, lit the fire for the cheese cauldron and so on.

Physical work is a very effective way to offload stress and free your mind. This process helps to unlock the creative potential and generate new ideas. It offers a fresh lease of life, helps you to organize your thoughts anew and re-gain confidence in your own ability.

Are you are interested in an individual outdoor coaching program? Or you would like to come with your employees for a team building and manage Eigeralp for a certain time? Then please send us an e-mail.

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