Eigeralp is part of Bussalp

The seasonal migration of farmers with their livestock has a long history in the Alps. In the summer farmers and herdsmen move their animals to high mountain pastures and in the winter they return back to their village in the valley. The first documental evidence of transhumance, this seasonal migration of farmers and livestock, in the Grindelwald area goes back to the 15th century.

In the summer months there is a total of about 150 milk cows plus around 130 heifers, calves, goats and chicken in Bussalp’s pastures. Depending on the growth of the grass we move from hut to hut at various elevations in the Alps and then back to the valley again in September. This nomadic life is characterized by hard physical work and discomfort but at the same time it’s a wonderfully natural lifestyle and invigorating experience.

Eigeralp belongs to the cooperative of Bussalp in Grindelwald. Bussalp is around 1,100 acres and situated at an altitude of 1600 to 2200 meters.


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