Who we are and how to contact us

To make your stay a memorable one, please get in touch with us a few days prior to your visit.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday mornings during the months of July and August . For your cheese making event you should plan about half a day visit.

Please note that we will not offer overnight stays on the Eigeralp during season 2019.

The cheese makers Andreas Michel and Michael Utecht and Benni Weyrich.


Andreas Michel


Farmer and cheese maker with a 37-acre farm. He’s a breeder of Simmental cattle and Saanen goats. He loves sports including hiking, snowshoeing and skiing. He’s also a traditional musician and yodeller.


Michael Utecht


A cheese maker with a degree in corporate communications who worked for global players such as SAP, Compaq and ABB. Michael is an entrepreneur and communications consultant who also provides executive coaching and outdoor coaching for clients. He divides his time between Zurich and Paris. He’s also a lecturer at the university of art in Berlin with a passion for wine and cheese.


Benni Weyrich


A veterinary surgeon and experienced tour guide, with a passion for the outdoors and globetrotting. He loves mountain hiking, ski-touring and sailing. Feels home in Munich and Lyon. He loves good wine, cheese and theater and climbs a mountain in no time.

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