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In the summer months we have a herd of 30 dairy cows as well as heifers, calves, goats and chicken with us in the Alps. From our herd we receive about 30,000 litres of milk and produce nearly 3 tonnes of Alpine cheese every summer.

People and animals live in close proximity in the traditional huts in the region. The sturdy roof beams and hand-hewn supporting timbers add to the charm and cosy appearance of these huts. Our huts had been built in 1892 and our cheese hut in the 17th century. As everywhere else in the world, the modern age has had some influence on the life in the Alps too. But it’s important to us to preserve the original character of these huts, since they are an integral part of the alpine heritage.

Our artisan cheese is based on a traditional recipe and is made from raw milk in a large cauldron over an open fire. The herbs in the Alpine pastures give the cheese a unique flavour, which is currently enjoyed by connoisseurs both in Switzerland as well as in Paris. We produce a variety of cheeses and Alpine butter.

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March 1, 2016 – Live Like a Swiss Alpine Cheesemaker for a Weekend and get a taste of life in the Alps without the commitment.

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